Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Letters to Santa From the Keiki of Hilo

Yes, it’s that time of year again—letters from the children of Hilo, Hawai‘i to Santa Claus. These are from the annual “Holiday Aloha” special insert to the Hawai‘i Tribune Herald (whose editor-in-chief, by the way, is the son of Santa Cruz dentist, Paul Bock). Here are some of my favorites from this year’s edition (they all start out “Dear Santa,” so I’ve omitted the salutations):

What I would like for Christmas is some money. It doesn’t matter how much you are giving me but it has to be above $5 and I also want a new video game.
Your friend, 
Kupono, Age 12

I wanted to ask you how Rudolph is because I heard that right before Christmas he was sad. My mom wants a new living room floor so we can have peace and relax. We just finished the hallway and dining room floor. Please help us Santa. May I also have a deck of Pokemon cards because I love to collect them? Thank you for your support,
Daycen, Age 9

The only thing I want for Christmas is a pet gold fish to take care of because I asked to have one but it died from a heat wave. I promise to feed and take care of it. I have been very good this year. That’s why I want to take this big responsibility.
Love and aloha,
Ocean, Age 9 [ed. With that name you’d think she could handle a fish]
P.S. I will keep him in my room because it’s not too hot and not to cold.

For Christmas I am not asking for anything because you always get me things I don’t ask for, but I end up liking it. Not that I don’t want anything, I just like getting surprises. One thing I know I want for sure is a healthy sibling. Tell the reindeer and elves I said thank you for all your hard work.
Kate, Age 9

Who are you?
Do you fly?
Do you give presents?
Are you cool?
Do you fly to California?
Are you really Santa?
Are you old?
Are you a person or a robot?
My mom needs money because to pay bills.
Kaizehya, 7 yrs. old

How are you? I am great. I am still enjoying the gifts that you gave me. This year can I please have a set of books for Christmas? ... I also hope the people in Pahoa [the town the lava is currently threatening] are going to be okay. Don’t you just wish you had a break? … I think that instead of cookies we should give you presents too You should come to have a vacation at the beaches of Hawaii....
Your friend,
Chloe, Age 8

… This year for Christmas I would like my mom to have a nice day at work. I’ve been very good this year. I’ve been helping my mom at dinner time by washing the rice. This Christmas I will be happy with whatever you bring me. I have everything I want! Thank you for making everyone happy!
Your new friend,
Blake, Age 8

This year for Christmas I would like a tree house. I want it because every time I have to make one for myself with blankets , it always falls down when I’m done.... Can you make a nice Christmas for me? Not raining like Halloween, that was sad. I really wanted to get candy and save it for dessert after dinner. So can you do anything to help us if it rains? …
Maria, Age 8

Can I know if you give people on the bad list another chance? Santa, I just want to know if Mrs. Clause [patron saint of grammarians everywhere] and Rudolph are doing okay. I want an art set because I want to be a famous artist when I grow up. Thank you Santa.
Lillian, 7 yrs. old

I would like a pair of new shoes 3 ½ , a stack of Pele books (please different), a picture of you, xbox 360 and a piano.
Your friend,
Kaimilani, Age 8

This year I have been really excited. For Christmas, I would like my mommy not to be mad at me because she always yells at me when I don’t listen and it makes me sad. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Your friend,
Taylor, Age 5

I have been pono [ed. good, righteous] because I write neatly. May I please get a Barbie Dream house with a Barbie and an elevator? It comes with rooms and bathrooms.
Love your friend,
Elena [no age provided]

The winner of the most materialistic category:

I want a $100 google play card or a Game Stop gift card for my Samsung Galaxy 3 or to buy something at Game Stop depending on what you give me. I am going to use it for buying games at the two places although one is on the Internet. I also want some cheat codes for Minecraft PC, Terraria, Balloon Tower Defense, or Pokemon X. I am going to use that for telling people and being a master at all these games. If you can, may I have four or five airplane trips to Legoland or Las Vegas? I want to go to Legoland because I have never been there, but I heard about my friends going there. They said there is an X-wing fighter from Star Wars, but it’s made out of 5,000,000 pieces! If you can get me one of the four, that would still be good, and if you cannot get me one, then surprise me with something awesome and cool. I might not deserve any of the four gifts, but just don’t get me coal.
Micah, Age 8
P.S. I am probably going to make good cookies. If you come down our chimney, one you will get dirty, and two, our Christmas tree will be right in front of you.

But I’ll finish with the most adorable one:

I want more fish because we like fish to make babies.
Cloud, grade 2

I hope Santa brings them all (okay, maybe not all) they asked for. And Mele Kalikimaka to everyone!

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  1. "Can I know if you give people on the bad list another chance?" Holy smokes, this kid could be one of my students.