Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dying For a Taste: Cover Reveal!

It’s here, the moment you’ve all been waiting for (okay, maybe not all of you, but I’ve been waiting anxiously for it). The cover art for my forthcoming mystery novel, Dying For a Taste, is now complete:

Pictured is the restaurant owned by my protagonist Sally Solari’s family, which is located on the Santa Cruz Wharf, and you can see the Giant Dipper roller coaster in the distance. (Yes, for you Santa Cruzians, it’s true that the Boardwalk is not technically in that position relative to the Wharf, but that’s what you call artistic license.)

Being an avid cyclist, I’m thrilled there’s a bike on the cover (Sally rides a Specialized Robaix in the story), and I’ve also gotta say it’s pretty darn exciting—and weird—seeing my name splashed across the cover of a real live book.

So, many thanks to all the supportive folks at Crooked Lane Books for the terrific concept and art!

Dying For a Taste, which is currently in the copy-edit stage, will be released by Crooked Lane Books in the spring of 2016.